Ecological Features

Our horizontal axis is based on the pillars of Sustainable Development which comprises three aspects: the social, the economical and the environmental. Our development will be performed with the lowest ecological foot print. To achieve that, we have put together a list of specialized architects and business to make your house ecologically friendly. All of them have a wide experience in eco construction and the implementation of eco technics.

Agricultural Spaces

Some space of land will be adapted for ecological agriculture. Every lot will obtain a little piece of this land to work the soil and plant the crops they wish to grow. Some workshops will be arranged with experienced and certified professionals in organic agriculture and natural compost development, for those who want to follow this path or even to learn a bit more on the subject. The harvest could be sold or exchanged by owners at the communal market area.

Local Communities

The construction of this community will give work to the local people of Cobah and nearby villages as well as the permaculture`s principles and safety jobs in the community, when building works finalizes. Also local people will be invited to the events that will be performed in Kuyabeh, such as workshops related to the conservation of the environment, information on Eco techniques, organic farming and others.

An Ecological Way Of Living

The land owners of Kuyabeh will be able to select among solar energy, wind power and back up generators for the construction of their house. Potable water will be obtained by an individual rain water harvesting system designed to conserve and save this precious natural resource and help reach your sustainability objectives. We have work hard to provide you with a catalogue that will include as well as the list of architects, some of the best business and services that will provide you with clean energy infrastructures and maintenance for your dreamed home.

Enviromental Awareness

Workshops will be given to owners and any local people who may want to attend to aid with any information needed to live every day in the jungle. We all need to have the right tools, knowledge, conciousness and skills to be able to create an environmentally friendly community.

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