Sustainable Construction

Our compromise with Kuyabeh, is to build and live with the smallest ecological footprint by using clean energies, taking care of natural resources and managing water, all of this in order to achieve a balance between construction and nature.




To sustain something, means to give it a basis so it can exist. The term self-sustainability refers to the ability to maintain what is already created, existing by itself and depending with the least external means. We refer it to the ability to satisfy the elemental needing’s (food, shelter, security and coexistence) and generate services as water, electricity and fuel by ourselves or by community, taking care for the nature and human beings.




Energy saving and energy efficiency

One of the pillars of a self-sustainable home is the production of the energy needed to overcome the daily requirements of each living place. Photovoltaics is supplied by the sunlight, wind power by wind and geothermal energy by heat. For our small community, we have identified the effectivity of solar energy as the main one to cover domestic needs, for both, owners in their homes and common areas.


Water treatments & supply

It is a fact that our most precious resource on the planet is sweet water. For our fortune, we live in an area rich in water supply, thanks to the climatic characteristics of the area and its geology, giving as a result underground natural reservoirs.


This unique ecosystem of underground rivers is highly vulnerable by contamination, so water treatments becomes vital to preserve the integrity of the quality of the water we use day by day and also the biodiversity of the habitat.


Each house must have its respective infrastructure, to fuel its energy demand, water supply through catchment of rainwater and its due treatment, all of this in order to prevent aquifer contamination. We’ve designed a specific catalog of services which offers a range of quality products and broad spectrum of clean energy. In addition to that, a catalog of architects specialized in sustainable construction that will guide you through the development of your home in pristine nature.




This type of construction was planned and structured to maintain our sustainable philosophy. Our modular homes will be built depending on each owner requirements, either in wood, ground or cellular cement blocks that will create a thermic environment compared to the traditional ones, as well, they will create a less impact in an atmosphere of efficient homes using the least amount of m2 where you can live and coexist with the jungle.

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