Our vision and wish with this project is to create a community where harmony between people, nature and construction can be achieved. We want to offer the land owners of Kuyabeh a place to reside and cause a minimal ecological impact or regenerative impacts as an alternative.

Among the vast culture and beautiful landscapes the Riviera Maya has to offer you, we want you to get a feel of the spirit of Kuyabeh, whether its visiting the local communities and experiencing the ancestral rituals, refreshing yourself in natural water sink holes, getting a feel of our world famous archaeological sites and taking you to the heart of the jungle where Kuyabeh is located.

Our self-sustainable community of 375 hectares is designed to preserve and protect the jungle. Our permeable roads, the use of clean energies, our green communal areas, our jungle park, the use of local natural resources for house building and the involvement of the local people through their knowledge and work on these jungle elements, makes Kuyabeh a magical and ecological project. On the era of consciousness, we need to develop bounds to get closer to our roots.

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