One of the pillars of our community is the preservation of our environment. We want this project to have infinite possibilities to give, share and enrich others with our actions. To perform these primary goals in our philosophy, Kuyabeh Foundation was created.

This organisation has two main axes to work on: the social and the environmental. We will create projects according to the needs of the area, with funds obtained by private donations and government grants. In addition to that, our Hotel, Spa and Restaurant will donate 5 dollars per person to the organisation, so by entertaining yourself, you are contributing to the projects carried out in benefit of the Mayan communities and their environment; the jungle.

Kuyabeh`s Foundation has a principal mission: The preservation of the environment, integrating the communities through sustainable development, empathy and conscious activities.

Since the last decades, civilisation face an incontrollable loss of nature, an anthropological problem with specific hints, depending on geographical areas. The causes are conspicuous and clear and are taken into account in the direct measures that local, national and international NGO`s and governments create to mitigate them. In our beloved Rivera Maya, problems are focused on:

  • Excessive and uncontrolled population growth.
  • Isolation and dispersion of communities.
  • Disinformation of society on sustainable/ecological livelihoods.
  • Consumerist, unconscious mass tourism.

Our Strategic Objectives

Sustainable Planning & Development

Community Inclusion

Alternative Conscious Tourism

Environmental Awareness

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Office Number: +521 984 803 5075

Mobile Number: +52 984 145 5274