KUYABEH experience

The wise man therefore always holds in these matters.

KUYABEH experience

Can you imagine being able to connect with the most intimate of your being? To invade your body with a feeling of peace and relaxation that will lead you to know a part of you that has always existed, but you have never given yourself the time to inquire into it.

The pace of life that most of us humans currently live in large cities, so concerned about schedules, the goals to achieve at work, trapped in traffic for hours that take away much of our day to day … All this generates a stress to us, which often we do not perceive at first sight, for that reason there is so much frustration, so much unhappiness, so much illness and lack of emotional health.

The human being has migrated from the natural being to a human being so urbanized, so “robotically alive” that he does not perceive the wonders that nature gives us. This urban human being has been progressively losing its connection with the natural environment, by staying for long periods of time in urban areas, ignoring the origin of the food he consumes and those basic concepts that make up the natural system.

Nature is a synonym of perfection, a perfection achieved after billions of years of natural selection and evolution, so complex and yet so simple, so incredibly beautiful, that together with a host of elements gives us a sense of peace and harmony that has no comparison with anything else on the planet.

Connecting with nature is difficult when we live so fast and feel so little ...

One of the reasons why we spend our existence with this accelerated pace, is because we have disconnected from our essence. In order to recover that balance and fullness it is necessary to reconnect with nature, to be part of a natural environment, away from the gray masses, the artificial lights and noises that surround us.
The simple fact of breathing fresh air, of being able to hear the wind blowing through the trees, or see the wonders that we have for flora and fauna, that is to connect with nature. Leave those urban spaces in which, “apparently” live, surrounded by material comforts or rather artificial.
What is it to connect with nature?
It is a way of life, a healing therapy for the body and soul that allows us to rediscover our essence. Because in reality we are still natural beings, only that we have departed from our ancestral equilibrium.
The earth is wise, and it still has reserved paradises of calm, silence and tranquility, to remind us that we are alive and that we can enjoy in perfect harmony with nature, and show us that innovation is not incompatible with sustainability, that both are notes that make up the same melody.


KUYABEH (sustainable ecological community) is one of those paradises, one that offers you the possibility to reconnect with your natural being, encourages you to reflect and internalize how much we depend on nature to live, to breathe, to be aware that the Planet is our only home and we must take care of it, as much as we take care of our “houses” in the city.

Living a ``KUYABEH experience`` is a challenge, which invites you to discover in a fun and exciting way the incredible world of the Mayan jungle, teaches you to love and care for every tree, every branch, every leaf, every animal and every insect that lives there.

Literally you will be surrounded by so much green, so much life … With the simple fact of standing on this earth you will feel all the magic that this place holds. You will be able to see so many species in their natural habitat, and with luck you will be able to cross with a jaguar that still roams this beautiful place, but quiet, that to live all this it is not necessary to expose yourself in a tent or sleep in the open. Kuyabeh shows that caring for nature is not fought with luxury and comfort, you can stay a full night in a house designed with an almost 360-degree panoramic glass that opens to nature, the idea of this design is that gives the perspective of an inverted aquarium, in which, instead of you being the one who comes to see the animals, they are the ones who come to see you.

Undoubtedly a unique experience, which we invite you to join.

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